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Live on WAMC’s show The Roundtable


It’s an honor and a pleasure to announce that I’ll be doing a live interview on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio’s wonderful local talk show, The Roundtable, this Wednesday, August 11th! I’ll be speaking with the show’s host, Joe Donahue, at 11:10 in the morning. Joe and his partner/producer, Sarah LaDuke, are my favorite talk radio hosts; I listen to their show almost every weekday, and love learning about local politics, artists, and booksellers.

With any luck, my contribution to the Hypothetical Library (one of my favorite projects on the internet right now) will be live by then, and that’s what we’ll talk about. Even if it’s not up yet, we’ll probably still talk about it, because I think Charlie Orr is doing such interesting work with the project.

WAMC broadcasts live from Albany, with towers all over the Northeast. You can go to their website to find the call numbers for the station nearest you; you’ll also be able to listen live or listen to the archived podcast later on

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