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Courses this Academic Year


Just a quick note to let my students at Yale know that, in addition to teaching my upper-level fiction workshop this coming spring, I’ll be teaching an introductory workshop in the fall. If you know beginning fiction writers—or people who might like to give fiction a try, though they haven’t done so yet—please send them my way. Please also be in touch if you’re a current Yale undergrad interested in working on an independent study. This could be a fiction writing project or a program of individual literary study that’s of interest to us both. I’m all ears!

I’d also like to let my NYU graduate students know that I’ll be teaching my craft seminar on plot construction again this fall. This will feature the same wild reading list as last year (anyone for Sesshu Foster, Percival Everett, Jenny Erpenbeck, and Thomas Bernhard?), and I’m looking forward to it. If you have peers who might be interested (and this would include people who think they’re not at all interested in plot: I will win them over), please do send them along.

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