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The Satirical Bumper Sticker Manufactory

(There are _Yves Gundron_ bumper stickers, too.)

Not long ago, we were driving down my father’s road—winding, unpaved, only a few houses on it—when we saw a parked car with a magnetic decal on the side. Usually, such decals advertise local businesses, but this one was promoting a novel. As I continued to drive, Tom took out his hand-dandy Internet device and we looked up the book, which turned out to be . . . possibly a little kooky? It promised to reveal truths about the universe (it sounded a little Secret-esque); and the few sentences we read were gummed up with adverbs. But we felt fundamental kinship with the driver of that car (an author? An author’s friend? Either way). And thought we’d like to do something similar—if a little more tongue-in-cheek.

So we are happy to present The Hopkins and Barton Emporium. At present it features one Brookland bumper sticker, another for Yves Gundron, one that kind of sums up our position on the sorry state of political dialogue in this country, and another reminding people not to text and drive. (Since they’re for cars, and it’s such an important safety issue.) Wanna head over and buy one? We’d be tickled. And maybe we’ll think up some kind of contest soon and give a few out as prizes.

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