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Amos Oz’s Judas for the NYTBR


As book reviewers go, I’m fairly slow. I like to take my time with a book; read it once through, then read it again to annotate; take my time to craft an argument.

When the NYTBR wrote to ask if I’d like to review Amos Oz’s new novel, Judas, the deadline was tight and I was already in the midst of reviewing the new Chabon book for Moment. But I said yes, because it was such an honor to write about an writer I admire so greatly for so many reasons.

I’m really glad I did. Judas is a remarkable novel: slow, subtle, beautiful, at many moments surprising. I recommend it to you wholeheartedly. And hope you’ll go read my review, which ran yesterday.

on The Book of Esther

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